This is theoplasty, a blog inspired by the Greek words theos meaning “God” and plastos meaning “formed, molded.”

We are a collection of individuals who like to think and write and discuss. We all want to be formed by God, but we’re also quite guilty of forming God, shaping him until he or she is just the way we want him or her.

M is a late twenty-something graduate of a school of some sort or other. He likes traveling, photography, theology and long evenings spent over a fine meal and a fine beverage with the company of fine friends. He can be an asshole at times, but he’s working on that. He doesn’t think Jesus would be an asshole, and he wants to be like Jesus.

Q is a also a late twenty-something blogger who enjoys reading and writing theology, spending time with friends, and loving on his/her spouse. She/he is working on how to balance a love for the mystical with a perceived calling toward prophetic acts in the service of God, neighbor, and creation.

W is yet another late twenty-something blogger who pastors people for a living.  She/he enjoys breathing, sleeping, breathing while sleeping, eating, and seeing.   She/he is married and has one or more dependents still living at home.  When in public, W often feels the need to prove to everyone around her/him that she/he is liberal.


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