I was chatting recently with a friend who ministers for a moderately-sized church in a very large city.  He mentioned that he and a few other ministers were going to try to start a group that was focused on social action (our particular tribe of Christians has not had a great track record in this arena).

Q wrote recently wondering why we Christians seem to get very energized and excited about partisan politics, but barely register a pulse (it seems) when it comes to matters of faith.

One of my mentors talked about his time as a student at a Christian college during the Vietnam war and about his experience with protests and pickets and times of singing anti-war songs.

So this leads me to wonder (we do seem to be getting off to a very questioning start, don’t we?): Why don’t we protest anymore?

Surely there are things about which we are passionate enough to raise our voices, or to step away from our Lost and 24 and SportsCenter for an hour or two of marching.  Maybe it is because of issues Q raised initially, that we are more concerned with partisan issues, and are therefore more likely to show up at a Republican rally or an Obama book-signing.

Are we just not aware of the great injustices around us (doubtful), do we not trust enough in the political structures to correct the injustices (more likely), or do we just not give a damn(most likely)?